About Us

Immersed in the hearth if Rome, inebriated by the scent of the Eternal City’s ancient history, behind Piazza Navona, adjacent to the archaeological excavation site of the Domitian’s Stadium and to all above dedicated, rises Gens, the new IBHConcepts Boutique Hotel.

Placed on the 3rd floor of a Renaissance period  building offering a warm and welcoming environment with special attention to details.

Gens Luxury Suites offers stylishly decorated suites using only quality materials and all of which is dedicated to  the “Gentes Romane”, the most ancient and important of social structures in ancient Rome, an essential tool for it’s expansion and what was destined to become the Roman Empire.

The reception desk is open 24 hours a day with the objective of assisting you in making your  stay a memorable one.

The IBHConcepts  signature is synonymous for quality.


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