Spacious, airy, artistic, enhanced by ceiling frescoes and by overlooking to typical Rome views. Finely furnished with wooden flood, boiserie profiles, enriched by international signed furniture elements of design, house a bathroom realized in ‘coccio pesto’ as Antic Roman tradition and a shower stall with a particular small skylight offering a view on ceiling frescoes.


Originating in Sabina, according to the Latins, coming instead from the ancient and prestigious Etruscan city of Caere, according to the most recent archaeological discoveries, the Claudii were an ancient and prestigious Roman family who had access to the most important magistratures of the Roman State.
Divided into two main branches, one patrician, the Claudii Pulchri, which was also part of the branch of the Claudian Neroni, and the plebeian Claudii Marcelli, the family arrived in Rome certainly at the beginning of the Republican period, around 504 BC, when Attus Clausus, a native of the city of Regillus, moved to the city with friends and family receiving a small plot of land.
Among the most famous characters of the race we remember the censor Appius Claudius the Blind who, in 312 BC, did make the Via Appia, the Queen of all Roman roads, and the Aqua Appia, the first aqueduct in the city of Rome.