Refined, luxury, Cornelia welcoming their guests in a leaving room furnished with an elegant lounge and a TV corner, behind, in more intimate position, a bedroom enriched by old ceiling frescoes. The bathroom, luxurios also, is realized in ‘coccio pesto’ as Antic Roman tradition, inserted in a fantastic and stylish smoked glass cabin where you find a charming design bath with a ceiling rainshower.
Cornelia has a double overlooking to historical St. Apollinare Basilica.
Finely furnished, wooden flood, international signed furniture elements, a cozy and comfortable king size double bed and a sofa transforming in a comfortable double bed if needed.


Dedicated to one of the oldest “gentes” of Rome, the Cornelii stood out compared to other families and tribes because of customs and traditions, the most important of which was the interment of their dead instead of the usual cremation. The members of this Gens are distinguished for courage and valorosità, marking the history, politics and the military exploits of Rome. The best known of them was Publius Cornelius Scipio. Skilled military strategist, is also known as the “African” in honor of the victory in Africa on the Carthaginian Hannibal in 202 BC. His deeds are also mentioned in the Hymn National Italian. Over time, the Gens Cornelia gave birth to many ramifications, not all of patrician rank.