Spacious, light, silent with an overlooking on Antic St. Apollinare Basilica and a particular wall mirrored, finely furnished with high design elements, wooden floor, a comfortable King Size Bed and an elegant bathroom, with a spacious stand-up shower, realized in ‘coccio pesto’ following Antic Roman tradition.


In the name of the ancient and prestigious Roman patrician family, that, divided into different branches, owes its name to the broad beans (“fabae”), very popular legumes in the Archaic period. Together with Quintilii, the Fabii composed the college of the twelve priests of the cult of the God Lupercus, an ancient deity linked to the origins of Rome, celebrated into the Lupercalia until the fifth century AD. They held the highest republican tasks, they were known for their military prowess and their strong spirit of sacrifice towards the homeland. In the battle of Cremera, fought by Rome against Veii in 477 BC, perished three hundred members of the gens Fabia, with the exception of a child, Quintus Fabius Vibulanus, who rebuilt the family and handed it to greater glory. Famous people were also Quintus Fabius Maximus, known to history as the “procrastinator” because of the fielding tactics against Hannibal, and Quintus Fabius Pictor, author of a history of Rome in the Greek language in which he justified the “civilizing mission” of the conquest of the world by Rome.