Essential, elegant, light, furnished with design elements, wooden floor, King Size double bed, a bathroom realized with ‘coccio pesto’ as Antic Roman tradition, with shower stall. Octavia boasts of a fantastic view on Antic Domitian’s Stadium Arch entry, antic location of actual Piazza Navona.


From the Latin “Octavus” was the eighth “gens”.
From the Volscian city of Velitrae, on the Alban Hills, achieved notoriety thanks to Gnaeus Octavius ​​Rufus,who was quaestor circa 230 BC In the following centuries,the members of this family, divided into various branches, obtained several magistratures, though the best known of the entire family clan was Octavianus, the first Emperor of Rome, proclaimed Augustus by the Senate in 27 BC. He was the son of Atia, the daughter of the sister of Caesar, who decided to adopt him as a son and heir in his will, thus beginning their rise to power elevating them to the rank of Patricians during the first century BC.