The nearer, thinked for who make of travel a profession, bright, silent, finely furnished with design contents, with wood floor, a comfortable double bad, a delicious walk-in closet and an elegant bath realized in ‘coccio pesto’ following an ancient Roman tradiction, with a spacious stand-up shower.



Dedicated to the “Gens Romilia” the family of Romulus, the founder of Rome. The Roman historian Titus Livius mentions this family among the hundred Gentes Originating in the Eternal City. Settled along the right bank of the Tiber, it was thanks to them that the plain called “Ager Vaticanus” (the current area of St Peter) was annexed to Rome. Titus Romilius Rocus Vaticanus, one of the most important members of the family and Roman consul, was invited to take part in the “Decemviri legibus Scribundis Consulari Imperio”, a special council elected by the Roman people to give to Rome rules (the Laws of the Twelve Tables, the first Roman code) to heal the continuous disputes between Patricians and Pebleian which might harm the growth of the City.